Technical Staff

Technical staff


Desmond Lau

Desmond is the technical officer in the newly created CQC2T Labs. He completed his PhD in 2009 in developing carbon related materials at RMIT University. He has subsequently postdoc position at RMIT University and at The University of Melbourne where he worked on single photon emitters in diamond. He has experience in single photon optics, electron microscopy and other fabrication/characterization techniques.

Email: desmond.lau at

Arwen Pagon

Arwen is one of the Technical Coordinators for the Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation technical team supporting the CQC2T laboratories. She completed her PhD in the area of thin film fabrication and materials characterisation in 2013 at RMIT University. She has experience in thin film fabrication, electron microscopy, instrumentation and materials characterisation techniques.

Email: arwen.pagon at

Reece Nixon-Luke

Email: reece.nixon-luke at

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