Chief investigator

A/Prof Alberto Peruzzo

A/Prof Peruzzo is a quantum physicist and computer engineer. His research spans from engineering photonic quantum information and communication technologies to studying quantum effects in biological, chemical and physical systems. He pioneered the field of integrated quantum photonics and first authored the original proposal of the Variational Quantum Eigensolver algorithms. He is the Director of the Quantum Photonics Laboratory, and a CI and the Node Director of the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) at RMIT University’s School of Engineering. 

Email: alberto.peruzzo at

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Dr Akram Youssry

Akram Youssry is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at QPLab. He received his BSc. and MSc. degrees at Ain Shams University (Egypt) in 2012 and 2015. He completed his PhD degree at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information, University of Technology Sydney in 2021, after which he joined RMIT as a postdoctoral research assistant. His research lies at the intersection of theory and experiment with focus on quantum control, quantum information theory, and AI techniques for quantum engineering.

Email: akram.youssry.mohamed at

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Dr Kibret Messalea

Kibret Messalea is a nanoelectronics engineer with a B.SC from Addis Ababa University, M.Eng from university of Adelaide (2014)  , Ph. D in nanoelectronics from RMIT university (2021).

His research interests revolve around the design, fabrication, and characterization of novel photonic structures and devices at the nanoscale.

His specific research interests include:

Integrated Photonics: I am interested in developing integrated photonic circuits that can perform complex functions using nanoscale photonic components. This includes the design and fabrication of on-chip photonic waveguides, splitters, filters, and detectors that can be integrated with other photonic and electronic components.

Nanophotonic Devices: I am interested in designing and fabricating nanophotonic devices that can manipulate light at the nanoscale. This includes the development of plasmonic structures, metamaterials, and photonic crystals that can enhance light-matter interactions and enable new applications in sensing, imaging, and information processing.

Nanofabrication Techniques: I am interested in exploring new nanofabrication techniques to create complex nanostructures with high precision and throughput. This includes the use of advanced lithography techniques such as electron beam lithography, nanoimprint lithography, and soft lithography, as well as new 3D printing techniques for nanoscale structures.

Email: kibret.messalea at

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Dr. Arinta Auza

Arinta Auza is a postdoctoral research assistant at QPLab. She completed her Ph.D. at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information, University of Technology Sydney. She has a background in computer science and has worked on quantum algorithms and complexity. Her current research is focused on machine learning techniques for quantum control.

Email: arinta.auza at

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Dr Hamed Arianfard

Hamed Arianfard is a postdoctoral fellow at the Quantum Photonics Laboratory (QPLab) at RMIT University. He received his Ph.D. degree in photonics from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, in 2023. His current research interests include integrated quantum photonics, nonlinear optics, and optical communications.

Email: hamed.arianfard at

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PhD students

Yang Yang

Yang is currently studying for a PhD at RMIT University with A/Prof. Alberto Peruzzo on quantum information, quantum photonics and reconfigurable waveguide circuits. He completed his Master’s thesis at UNSW with A/Prof. Arne Laucht’s group working on developing a quantum teaching lab setup based on nitrogen vacancy center in 2019. Then, he moved to Melbourne and joined Quantum Photonics Lab at RMIT University.

Email: s3880683 at

Tim Weiss

Tim Weiss graduated with a Masters in Physics at Ulm University (Germany) with a thesis on Nitrogen-Vacancy center sensing experiments in the quantum optics group led by Fedor Jelezko. He joined the experimental division of Dr. Alberto Peruzzo’s group in Nov 2022 as a PhD student to develop on-chip photonic quantum experiments and technologies.

Email: s3973658 at

Yule Mayevsky-Mattiaccio

Yule is currently studying for a PhD at RMIT University with Dr. Alberto Peruzzo and Dr. Akram Youssry on quantum control with Machine learning. He completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours I) and Bachelor of Applied Science double major. His research interests include quantum control, quantum chemistry and AI techniques for quantum engineering. 

Email: s3543737 at

Ritik Sareen

Ritik is currently studying for a PhD under A/Prof. Alberto Peruzzo and Dr Akram Youssry on theoretical quantum control. He completed his BS-MS dual degree from IISER Mohali, India in 2023 with a masters’ thesis in theoretical quantum information under Dr. Manabendra Nath Bera exploring complete positivity in open system dynamics. His current research interests include theoretical quantum control, quantum information and quantum many-body systems.  

Email: s4068992 at

Technical Staff

Dr. Brian Yang

Nicci Coad

Former group members

Robert Chapman (Postdoc 2021)

Brett Johnson (Postdoc 2021-2023)

Md (Asad) Asaduzzaman (Postdoc 2021-2022)

Akib Karim (Phd student 2022)

Jean-Luc Tambasco (PhD student 2015-2018)

Inna Krasnokutska (PhD student 2016-2019)

Sulien Rigby (PhD student 2018)

Rananya Mellekatte Subhash (Undergraduate student 2018)

Mac Kim (Undergraduate student 2017-2018)

Raj Patel (Postdoc 2018)

Harrison Ward (Undergraduate student 2017-2018)

Giacomo Pantaleoni (PhD student 2017-2018)

Xijun (Gordon) Li (Postdoc 2017-2018)

Andreas Boes (Postdoc 2016-2017)

Cameron Hamilton (Research staff 2016-2017)

Zixin Huang (PhD student 2014-2016)

Daniel Naoumenko (Honours student 2015)

Frank Paino (Honours student 2015)

Angus Johnson (Talented student program 2015 @ QPL)

Kehuan Shi (Talented student program 2014 @ QPL, School of Physics summer scholarship 2014, and Senior year Special project 2015)

Owen Brasier (Research staff 2014-2015)

Alex Hung (Talented student program 2014 @ QPL and School of Physics summer scholarship 2014)

David Merrick Long (Talented student program 2014 @ QPL)

Ryan Thomas (Talented student program 2014 @ QPL)