Quantum Control Workshop 2023

Purpose: This workshop aims to bring together local experts in the field of quantum control to discuss the current challenges in the field, share recent advancements, and provide perspectives on how the field should progress in the future. 

Date: 13 July 2023. 

Location: Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, Building 14 Level 12 Room 14.12.005 (access from Building 12).


  • Alberto Peruzzo 
  • Akram Youssry 
  • Arinta Auza 
  • Yule Mayevsky-Mattiaccio 
  • Nicci Coad

Invited speakers: 

  • Akram Youssry (RMIT University)
  • Gerardo Paz-Silva (Griffith University) 
  • Hendra Nurdin (UNSW) 
  • Greg White (Monash University) 
  • Prasanna Pakkiam (University of Queensland)
  • Aaron Tranter (ANU) 
  • Henry Yang (DiraQ) 
  • Michael Hush (Q-CTRL)
  • Behnam Tonekaboni (CSIRO)

Program: The morning session will be in the form of 20-minute talks delivered by our guests, followed by a group lunch. In the afternoon, there will be an open discussion session, after which we will conclude the main points and recommend future directives.